Patrick Sell

发布人:高级管理员 发布日期:2018-07-02

Patrick SellPatrick Sell


Undergraduate School: Rollins College

Major: International Business

Hometown: Neuenbürg, Germany

Languages: English, German, and French (basic)


Why did you choose this program? 

The opportunity to pursue a degree in three different continents during only 10 months, compared with other programs. After working in management consulting, I wanted to narrow my focus on strategic analysis in a global context and found the perfect fit. Lastly, being in a small cohort for the entire time assured me that this is the program I really wanted to do.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? 

The cohort is very diverse, and thus very interesting to interact with and learn from. Living together really brings the group close to each other and helps the whole program.

Fun Facts about Me: 

I spent one year of high school in New Zealand. I used to play professional tennis.


Sports (tennis, Crossfit, lifting, volleyball, etc.), traveling