Final Call: 2019-2020国际商务全球硕士项目最后招生!

稿件来源:国际商务全球硕士项目 发布人:何其航 发布日期:2019-05-20

江苏快三精准计划学院与美国弗吉尼亚大学McIntire商学院、西班牙ESADE商学院两所世界一流的商学院联手,汇集全球顶尖的教育资源,共同打造国际商务全球硕士项目(International Business Program)。项目以培养具有国际视野、跨文化交流能力、战略思维的未来商业精英为目标,为学生提供独特的机会分别在美国、中国、欧洲三个各具特点的地方进行学习、体验。2019-2020学年的项目申请即将截止,请抓紧时间申请。



该项目学生在美国弗吉尼亚、中国广州以及西班牙巴塞罗那攻读一年,顺利完成课程学习后,你将会获得美国弗吉尼亚大学的全球商业硕士学位(MSc in Global Commerce)、西班牙ESADE商学院的全球战略商务硕士学位(MSc in Global Strategic Management)和江苏快三精准计划学院的国际商务证书。在2017公布的《经济学人》The Economist的全球管理学硕士(Global Master in Management Ranking)排名中,美国弗吉尼亚大学排名全球第2ESADE商学院排名全球第10



该项目的学生在一年之内到三个国家顶级的商学院进行学习及生活。学习期间,中国学生和来自北美、欧洲和亚洲不同地区、不同文化背景和专业领域的学生共同生活,体验不同文化的交流和碰撞,学习跨文化沟通与合作。比如,最新的 2018级的项目学生组成体现出项目最大的亮点——国际化,54名学生来自美国、中国、意大利、德国、法国、奥地利等国家和地区。



该项目学生能充分享受到三所高校的职业发展资源,通过招聘会、一对一就业咨询、职业发展讲座、企业参访等形式提高自己的就业能力,向你的dream job更近一步。往届的项目毕业生的入职单位包括知名跨国企业谷歌、大疆、百威英博等。


2019-2020国际商务全球硕士申请即将结束!请尽快登录官网 进行网申。更多申请信息可在Admissions页面查看。



1.   本科学位为商科、管理学相关专业。

2.   托福100分或者雅思7.0分以上。

3.   GMAT 580分或GRE同等分数以上。


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Our graduates




Lingnan (University) College is making a final call for students who are willing to apply for our International Business Programme!


What can I receive from the programme?

We have collaborated with the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia (USA) as well as the ESADE Business School (Spain) to provide you a postgraduate program. The programme aims to train future business leaders in the implementation of global strategies and in the management of multicultural teams. It explores the complexities of the global business environment from the North American, European and Asian perspectives. By joining the programme, you will travel to three countries for living and studying, and receive TWO Master’s degrees from University of Virginia and ESADE Business School, and ONE certificate from Lingnan (University) College.


How well does this programme suit me?

Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies, Management or Economics or any other relevant disciplines, this message is for you! We are looking for someone who work hard to make a great academic achievement while looking for any chances to become a member of an outstanding team in the industry. The applicants should have a clear goal of what kind of professional they would like to be in their future career life. You will be studying, working and living across three countries, and collaborating with individuals from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds if you are enrolled successfully. Please show us your ambitiousness, creativity, professional experiences, global mindset, and the urge of building your own relationships with those who are leading the industry. The opportunity of receiving practical courses from world-class universities and also to own overseas study experiences is offered to you right now!


Click on Apply Now to start your global journey.


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